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Today was an especially hectic day for me; so much so that I decided to draw a self portrait to show you.

Here I am:


Please note the following:

My fly away frizzy hair – which needs a root touch up and a deep conditioning, not to mention a good brushing. Although you may not be able to tell, I’m not wearing any makeup.

My so fashionable t shirt and jeans.

The receipt that says $200 on it that’s falling out of my purse. That’s the amount I spent on a week’s worth of groceries on Friday. Which brings us to…

The pizza boxes I’m carrying in my other hand. I spent $15 on dinner tonight – pizza – because I spent so much time running from here to there today that I had no time to make a real dinner.

See that little blue square falling out of my purse? That would be my debit card, which got stuck in the drive through window at Walgreens and caused me to make a second trip to the store where I found it in the parking lot. Thankfully this all took only a few minutes, so my card was in no real danger.

The other things falling out of my purse are a few envelopes that should have been mailed last week, along with those boxes under my arm. (Yes, those are boxes.)

I have laundry to do, furniture to dust and floors to clean, not to mention bathrooms. I decided not to draw a picture of that for you; I figured you could visualize that one.

All of this is my way of telling you that my life has gotten out of my control. In fact, it seems to be controlled by others, mostly family members.

Can you relate to any of this?

You know that saying, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail? I’m thinking that’s the problem.

I am in the process of developing a system that I hope will change all of this for me. Interested? Leave a comment, please, or maybe a picture of your own. 🙂

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle is the writer of Lacyestelle.com and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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  1. Wow. I hear you on this post. I just changed the theme of my blog and was researching and found yours…good thing! Can’t wait to read more and realize that I am not alone!