Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

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I know I have been MIA the last few days. Hopefully you were too busy making memories with your loved ones to notice.

My days were spent cooking and cleaning, taking a trip to the Christmas tree farm (and 3 trips to the store for enough lights), and making cookies with this guy:

Robbie Tree 2

That’s a sort of old picture; he wears big boy pants now and has ditched the binky. 😉

Oh and did I mention I got no sleep?

3 year olds apparently get up at the crack of dawn and go to bed just slightly before their grandmas do.

Random Thoughts

Anyway, we will get back to “normal” tomorrow, but for now I thought I would round up a few things you might be interested in reading or seeing.

How to Have More with Less at Christmas – because we are all too busy. This weekend my daughter and son-in-law were saying how they couldn’t possibly commit to a camping trip next August because they didn’t know how busy they would be. Seriously?

More Stove Cleaning Magic! In case your stovetop got over worked this Thanksgiving. I love anything that cleans without me having to do much at all. This works; I’ve tried it. One to remember!

17 Ways to Have a More Organized Life #7 would work in our tiny bathroom and we should all do #1.

How to Create a Self Care Strategy That Actually Works you know you need it. Give yourself a gift this year and do this.

See you tomorrow!


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