You Need a Plan B: For Everything


Plan A, Plan B No one ever calls it “Plan A”; it’s just the plan, the way things are supposed to go. Plan B, if you have one, is your backup plan. But you need a Plan B, for everything, because you have ADHD. And I don’t mean because your original plan isn’t good enough, […]

Be a Detective: Look for the Cause Behind Your Problems

Detective Problems An ADD Woman

What’s Your Problem? You’ve got lots of them, right? But we’re talking about Attention Deficit Disorder. Sometimes you have to be a detective and look for the cause behind your problems. That’s especially true with ADHD. Although we all have different variations of it, particularly when you include conditions like anxiety and depression, the root […]

CBD Oil and ADHD: Is This the Solution?

CBD Oil and ADHD_ Is This the Solution_ an ADD woman

What is CBD Oil? Cannabidiol, as it is sometimes called, is oil that has been extracted from the flowers or buds of the hemp plant. It is being advertised as a solution for many things, including ADHD. CBD oil is very popular right now, with claims that it can help everything from acne to hair […]

Calmigo: Drug Free Relief for Anxiety

Calmigo_ Drug Free Relief for Anxiety

Note: This is a review and I was provided a Calmigo device in order to do the review. All opinions are 100% my own.   Calmigo: What is It? Calmigo is a small, discrete device that helps you regulate your breathing in order to help you manage stressful or anxious moments without drugs. It has […]

Eat Nourishing Food; Your Brain Will Thank You

Eat Nourishing Food; Your Brain Will Thank You

  Food, Nourishment, and Your Brain? Most of us, when we think of nourishment, think of our bodies. We want our bodies to be healthy and strong. But what good is a strong healthy body without a healthy brain? Your brain needs good healthy food in order to function at it’s best. That makes perfect […]

A Natural Solution for Better Brain Function

A Natural Solution for Better Brain Function

Note: this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on the link to purchase a product, I get a small compensation from the seller; it does not affect your price. You can read more here. What’s Better Than Natural? If I told you that I had a natural solution that would help […]