Episode #7: You Have ADHD, What About Grit, Perserverance, and Passion?

Episode 7 of An ADD Woman: You Have ADHD, What about Grit, Perserverance and Passion?

imagine you’re thinking, well, what about medication? What about therapy? Keep going, get those things.  Or don’t get those things, but keep going, pick a direction and go. And as long as you don’t stop, no matter how many times you fall, you’re gonna get there. I have faith in you.

Episode #2: Do You have ADHD or Did the Tooth Fairy Steal Your Keys?

Episode two of An ADD Woman

Can’t listen to “Episode Two: Do you have ADHD or Did the Tooth fairy steal your keys?” Here’s the transcript: So, on today’s episode of An ADD Woman, I want to talk about this question, this idea, is it ADHD or did the tooth fairy steal my keys, basically? How do you know whether you […]