Start with Yourself

Something wrong? Something not working quite right? Things out of kilter? Start by looking at yourself. I learned this the hard way recently. I’ve been having those days (weeks) when I can’t seem to get anything done. I’m lucky if I even move all day. You know those days right? I was depressed and overwhelmed […]

The Life Organizer

Wow. Are you pulling out your credit card right now wondering where you can buy such a thing? Something to organize your whole life? Gotta get that! Well the good news is that such a thing does exist. The Life Organizer is a book, a system, a new way of living and looking at your […]

You Need a Mom Cave

Recently HomeGoods put forth the idea that men have “man caves” – places they could go and relax – and that it was time that moms had a cave too. Here is the “official” definition: I happen to agree. Moms are pretty hardworking people; we really need a place to go and relax for a […]

Do You Look Your Best?

I have to say that sometimes these posts are meant more for me than for you. Or maybe what I really mean is that I recognize something in myself that needs some attention and I think maybe you do too. As I write this, I am wearing jeans and a t shirt, no make-up and […]

Lies You Tell Yourself

Come on, admit it. You lie to yourself all the time. In fact, you treat yourself worse than you would probably treat your worst enemy. I’m fat. I’m so dumb. I’m disorganized and lazy. I can’t pay attention for two seconds. I’m worthless. Do you know what thoughts like these are doing to you? They’re […]