9 Ways to Thrive in the Back to School Season with ADHD Kids

Back to school season is upon us and I don’t know about you- but I’m completely overwhelmed thinking about the overwhelm my children have to deal with. We’re always trying to find ways to thrive in the back to school season with ADHD kids, but it’s not always easy. Considering I get drained simply by […]

Free Text Reminder Messages

Text Reminder Messages

Edited 5/7/19: Most of you signed up via text, so I have added the weekly planning form here. Need a Reminder? You’ve got one! Or at least, you can get one. One of the things that my subscribers have requested is a text message reminding them of what they have to do that day. What […]

Time Management Mistakes that can Stress You Out

Time Management, Stress

How Well Do You Manage Your Time? Do you use a planner of some kind to plan your day? And how do you think you’re doing? Because there are some time management mistakes that can stress you out, and if you’re making them, you need to know. If you’re not using a planner at all, […]

Develop a Daily Routine and Master Your Week

Develop a Daily Routine and Master Your Week

  Do You Have a Daily Routine? I know that there are probably certain things that you do every day, and those might be considered part of your routine. But are they really helping you out when it comes to your week and what needs to be done? For instance, my husband’s routine (when he […]

What Are You Really Putting off When You Procrastinate?

What Are You Really Putting off When You Procrastinate?

Why are You Putting Things Off? You know you do it. But do you know what you are really putting off when you procrastinate? Or maybe a better question is why are you putting things off? You know I’m going to say it. ADHD and Procrastination are BFFs We are masters at procrastinating. In the […]

Do You Want to Save Money and Make Life Easier?

save money, make life easier an add woman

Did I Hear a Yes? Of course! Who wouldn’t want to make life easier and save money while they were doing it? And it’s so easy, you won’t believe you haven’t already thought of this! What’s the secret? Subscription services. The emphasis here is on the service, not subscription. I mean, these are subscriptions, but […]