Meditation: It’s Not What You Think

meditation_its not what you think

What is Meditation? Meditation is probably not what you think it is. Meditation is not clearing your mind of thought. That’s pretty much impossible. Instead, meditation is a way to train your mind. (Headspace has some excellent information on meditation, as well as some meditations to practice.) Think about that in relation to your ADHD, […]

The Importance of Mindfulness


For the past few weeks a friend of mine has been losing things. Important things, like the only set of car keys she has or her glasses. And in both cases, it took days before they turned up. She’s got a lot on her mind right now, which may help explain things. This morning I […]

Tips on Meditating

Tips on Meditating ADHD

Meditation can be extremely effective for ADHD, because it helps you to train your brain to slow down and concentrate. It can also help you to calm yourself, which can be useful if you suffer from anxiety. Meditation can also be a way to give your brain a rest from all of the chaotic thoughts […]

ADHD – A New Treatment Option

meditation an ADD woman

A “New” Treatment Option for ADHD I’ve been reading recently about a new treatment option for ADD & ADHD – one that may surprise you – Transcendental meditation (TM). As it turns out, not only is TM effective in treating Attention Deficit Disorder, it’s actually quite compatible with it, too. However, transcendental meditation is not […]