ADHD and Added Pounds

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Did you know that if you have ADHD, it might be more difficult for you to lose weight? Sad, but true.

The same difficulties that you have focusing on the task at hand or sticking with a project until it’s complete can also throw you off track when it comes to dieting.

Although it might sound ridiculous to some, it is true for ADDers that we can forget that we’re on a diet and not realize it until after we’ve finished that third slice of pizza. No, it’s not “convenient memory loss”; it really is our poor short term memory that’s at fault.

And if you lose interest in a project before it’s finished because the excitement and newness has worn off, you’re equally likely to do the same with a new eating plan.

So are we doomed to be pleasingly plump all of our lives?

Of course not.

Here are some ideas that might help:

Exercise I know you don’t want to hear it, but exercise will not only make you healthier and help you lose weight, it will help your ADHD symptoms too. 30 minutes a day is good, even if you have to break them up into smaller segments. And think of it as doing something for your brain, not your waistline. It really makes a difference.

Drink more water Yeah, another thing that you know and don’t particularly enjoy. Once again, though, it will help with weight loss and ADHD symptoms. I was never a water drinker until we invested in a water cooler for our home. Now I drink water more than anything. It’s more appealing to me because it’s filtered and it’s cold.

Eat sensibly I know that if I have rice or pasta in the house, I am in trouble, because I can eat them every day and not get tired of them. You probably have some “food triggers” too, that make you overindulge. Try to have lean protein (ADD booster) at every meal and make smart decisions about what you eat.

Make it interesting ADDers are notorious for our low boredom threshold. We lose interest in things fast and are off to the next shiny thing. Take advantage of that when it comes to weight loss. Try healthy new dishes you’ve never had before and do the same for exercise. Always wanted to try roller blades or salsa dancing? Now’s the time.

With the right routine and the right attitude, you can not only lose weight, but improve your ADHD symptoms too.

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Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle is the writer of and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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  1. My newsletter this month focuses on the importance of exercise for people (especially students ) with ADHD. Time to get moving! Also, Barbara Luther, a well known ADD Coach who has lost more than 60 lbs in the last year, has a new weight loss program for people with ADHD. You can read about it at

  2. Wow! Thanks for the resources Amy! Barbara’s site is one I will definitely be checking out! And you can expect me to keep your name in mind for my ADD Student readers! 🙂