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The other day while twittering, I met someone new. His name is Chris and he writes a blog about ADHD called Hunter in a Farmer’s World. He’s sort of an ADD Dad, and you should check him out. He has a great style of writing.

The other day while chatting, I mentioned to Chris that I thought those of us with ADHD were more fun, because we can be very spontaneous.

Today, Chris wrote about some of the spontaneous things he’s done, due to his ADHD. The one he mentioned to me was buying a house while on the way to the store. (!)

So, I thought that in the spirit of fun and celebrating ADHD, I’d tell you about one of the spontaneous things I’ve done, although I don’t think it’s as interesting as what Chris’s stories.

Four or five years ago, we had a bad storm during the summer that knocked our electricity out for days. Since both the stove and the hot water heater were electric, that meant meals from the grill and ice cold showers. One hot, sticky, miserable morning, I awoke to the sound of rain. Heavy rain.

Now the prospect of another ice cold shower didn’t sound nearly as appealing as a refreshing summer rain. I ran outside (clothed) with a bottle of shampoo, imagining how soft and wonderful my hair was going to feel after being washed in rain water. I was joined a few minutes later by my older daughter Sarah, who apparently has less sense than her younger sister.

She, too, lathered up her hair with shampoo while standing in the pouring rain.

Let me tell you something – no matter how hard it rains, it doesn’t rinse the shampoo out of your hair. It seemed to create more and more lather the longer we stood out there. We ended up dunking our heads in the pool just to get the shampoo out.

So, the rest of the family (and probably a few neighbors) thought we were nuts. But you know what? It still felt good, and a little silly, which is OK. I made a memory that day with my daughter that she’ll never forget.

I’d love to hear your ADHD fun stories. Share!

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