ADHD: The Bigger Picture

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I’m about to tell you something earth shattering.

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Your ADHD is affected by almost everything else in your life.

What? Yeah, that was it. What do you mean it wasn’t earth shattering?

Read it again.

It does not say that your ADHD affects almost every part of your life. It does, but you already knew that.

But think about it: most of what goes on in your life (and in your body) affects your ADHD.

I know – you’ve heard me say it a million times.

A good diet, lots of sleep, exercise, plenty of water – all good things for you and all good for your ADHD symptoms.

But now I’m taking it a little bit further.

Over the last year or two, I’ve made some significant changes in my health.

I started taking medication for my depression and I started feeling better. My ADHD seemed easier to manage too.

Well, now that kind of makes sense. Depression often accompanies ADHD, and it makes sense that treating it would make your ADHD easier to manage.

But I’ve started doing other things too, that are unrelated to my ADHD.

I’ve added some needed vitamins and supplements to my daily routine, and I’ve started taking medications for a couple of age related things – you know – hormones and stuff.

And you know what happened?

The better I started to feel – in general – the less my ADHD symptoms bothered me.

See, a lot of the things that were bothering me were simply imbalances in my body. Once I gave my body what it needed, everything changed for the better.

So do yourself a real favor – better than a mani and pedi any day – give yourself the gift of good health.

Take care of all of you. Call the doctor and make an appointment. You don’t have to go through life struggling all the time or feeling drained.

Do it for your family, do it for the people you love, but most of all do it for yourself, cause you deserve it!

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Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle is the writer of and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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