Do You Need Thanksgiving Help?

Thanksgiving, turkey, meal

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Please Tell Me I’m Not the Only One

Please tell me you’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner too.

If you are, I have a gift just for you!

And if you’re not – lucky you.

Either way, I am here to help. Be sure to Pin this to your Thanksgiving board. That way, you always know where it is, and even if you’re not cooking, you never know when you might need it.

Thanksgiving, turkey, meal

Hosting Thanksgiving

Why do people ask us to host big things like Thanksgiving?

Don’t they know we have ADHD?

I realize that a lot of people hate making a big meal like that, and in some families they trade off so that the same person doesn’t have to do it every year.

But still. The ADHD cook? Really?

Yes! You can do it! And I’m going to help.

You really know you’ve grown up when you’re not going to mom’s anymore for the holidays. All of a sudden, you’re mom and everyone is coming to your house!

Hopefully you read my last post, Speed Cleaning, and downloaded your Speed Cleaning Checklist, so your house is all ready.

Now I’m going to help you get ready to make Thanksgiving dinner!

I know this is a little late, but hopefully you’ve got your turkey and all the fixings, and the big guy is sitting in the fridge thawing out. If not, leave now and go to the grocery store!

Some Help

Cooking a big meal like Thanksgiving can be really confusing for anyone, but especially for those of us with ADHD.

Judging time is not our strong suit, so getting everything done and on the table at the same time can be a challenge!

So I’ve created a couple of helpers for you:

  • A Thanksgiving Checklist
  • A Thanksgiving Timeline

Read the checklist to get a general idea of the game plan and to prepare, and then print out the timeline. You can get them both – plus more goodies like a meal planner and grocery list – in theResource Library. Just fill out the form at the end to get the password.

Take the time now to do the math when it comes time to figure out when to put your turkey into the oven. Basically, you take the amount of time the turkey will need to cook (there’s a link for that), and add an hour. Then count backwards from dinner time.

If dinner is at 4:00, and the turkey takes 5 hours, you need to begin at 10:00.

On Thanksgiving Day, tape the timeline to your cupboard door so you can see it, and begin!

By the way, a lot of the work for Thanksgiving is done ahead of time, with all of the desserts and side dishes. Buy what you can pre-made or ask people to bring them. (Be specific.)

Then you just have to get the turkey in the oven and coordinate things.

Some More Help

If you would like a free bundle of Thanksgiving planning sheets, plus grocery lists, cleaning lists, and more, sign up below.

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