Do You Plan Your Weekly Meals?

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My mom (who had ADHD) was never a planner or a list maker. For her, dinner started around 1:00 in the afternoon when she started wondering what was for dinner. Sometimes she had things in the freezer, but with no microwave and no plan, that didn’t help much.

Enter the daily trip to the store. Wander around, look for something to make for dinner. Although she was a genius at managing money, I think she could have saved some with a weekly meal plan.

I have a free meal planner plus 2 different grocery lists (and other stuff!) in the Library. Just sign up at the bottom of the page.

I write down my meal plan each week and my grocery list. I don’t know how to function any other way. Well besides that one time….

Anyway, with your ADHD, you may find it hard to plan out a week’s worth of dinners week after week. If you do, or if you just want some fresh ideas, I have just the resource for you.

Laura from I’m An Organizing Junkie hosts a Menu Plan Monday each week. And it’s not just Laura’s meal plan you get – there are a bunch of them from other bloggers who join up with her.

Did I mention that it’s free???

Oh, and if you shop and plan on a different day (mine’s Thursday) then just keep this week’s plan for next time.

Give menu planning a try. You can eat healthier, spend less, and not have to do as much work with someone else’s plan!

You can also check out the Resource Library for free printables – grocery lists, meal planning sheets, and way more!

Sign up below.

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