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So this past week my 90 year old dad moved out of his 91 year old lady friend’s house. They “needed a break”. Turns out he’s decided to move in with us, which is cool.

As we were setting up his bedroom, I noticed how different he is from me and my family. My dad does not have ADHD; that was my mom.

So, when he was “just visiting”, I noticed how neat he kept his room. Everything in it’s place, bed neatly made each morning. A blind man makes his bed and it looks better than mine. Sigh.

So anyway, now that he’s moved in, he requested a dresser in his room. We actually own one dresser and two chests of drawers. The dresser was in the closet in the former guest room, one chest of drawers was in the basement and the other in our son’s room. None of them were being used.

None of us have used dressers or chests in years. We hang as much as possible and use baskets for things like socks and underwear.


It’s an ADD thing.

Stuff stored in drawers is out of sight, therefore out of mind. Got something in mind you want? How many drawers do you empty all over the floor before you find it? Yeah, they didn’t work for us.

So we started hanging everything.

Here’s how my closet is organized:

At the far left, are my 4 black dresses. Two summer dressy, one winter dressy, one witchy for Halloween. 🙂

Next are empt hangers. Whenever I take something off a hanger to wear, the hanger gets placed in this spot. That way they are all together and easy to reach for when I have clean laundry to put away.

Pants and shorts are next, then summer shirts, work shirts, long sleeved shirts and finally jackets.

We have one of those metal closet organizing systems so the rod we hang clothes from is actually part of the upper shelves, like this:

Image courtesy Closet Organizers

The shelves above hold baskets that hold socks, underwear, and my purse collection. I also store my shoes up there since I have a Goldendoodle that likes to redesign them.

Sounds like I’ve got it all under control, right?

Don’t let me fool you. I didn’t tell you about the closet floor. 😉

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle is the writer of and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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