Entertaining with ADHD

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Question: What is your best tip for hosting a gathering, get-together or party that is enjoyable and stress-free for both the host and guests?

Entertaining can be so difficult for those of us with ADHD. In fact, most of us probably avoid it.

Between the cluttered home and our (possible) social anxiety, it’s no wonder we don’t entertain.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are some ideas to help you learn to entertain and enjoy it!

Keep things simple. Plan a small get together rather than a large one. Serve food that you know how to make – preferably ones that can be made ahead of time.

Come up with a theme or reason for the party. Maybe a game night or even a pot luck.

Get your family to help you clean up. Concentrate on the areas that will be most used. The bathroom for sure – and make sure it smells clean too! Next clean the family room or whatever room you will be in. Close doors, dim the lights and light candles.

Finally, relax. People who are your friends surely know what you are like. There’s no reason to worry. They know you and like you, so do your best to prepare for them and then enjoy their company!

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