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Focus is a big word for ADDers, mainly because we struggle with maintaining it. We’re easily distracted, remember?

Carrie Wilkerson (the person I want to be when I grow up) wrote a really wonderful series of blog posts last year around the theme of focus. Carrie, aka The Barefoot Executive, writes mostly for women who have their own at home businesses, although she does have another blog called Momflict, that’s aimed a little more towards the “mom” part of work at home moms.

One of her posts about focus really hit home with me, and I wanted to share it with you.

Last April, Carrie decided to really focus for 40 days on four areas of her life: Health, Spiritual, Family, and Business. She challenged her readers to join her, and post a goal that they would work towards in the next 40 days.

Many women posted goals like losing 10 pounds, or selling 2 times more of their products, or getting a promotion. When I think of setting goals, that’s what I think of, too, don’t you? I mean, they tell you it has to be measurable, right? What’s more measurable than stepping on the scale today (eeek!) and then stepping on it again in 40 days to see the results?

Well, I’ll let Carrie tell you why that’s wrong:

I hate to be the voice of reality – but you CANNOT CONTROL RESULTS and many times, you are setting yourself up for frustration and disappointment.

Set your goals to be EFFORTS-FOCUSED…

For instance:

“I will walk 5x per week and eat 1400 calories per day for 40 days” — NOW, the result MIGHT be that you lose 10 lbs, right? SUPER! But if you set the goal as “I’m going to lose 10 lbs” — without a stated FOCUS GOAL in Place…you are still NOT FOCUSED

“I will make 5 new contacts per day and book 5 appointments per week” — NOW, the result MIGHT be that you sell XXXX in product and recruit XX team members. SUPER! But, you cannot control the outcome of the effort – you can ONLY control the effort!

SEE where I’m going with that?

Can you see the difference? Boy, I sure can. I’m going to work on changing the focus of my goals so that they are more effective. How about you?

By the way, if you want to read Carrie’s entire article, you can find it here.

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One Response

  1. Hi Brenda,
    WOW WOW WOW- I looooove what you just said. I have always thought this way. I mean always. And people would say oh but you shouldn’t think like that. You need to think positive. Yes I love thinking positively but in a realistic way.
    When we focus on the actual action steps instead of the outcome we don’t get so discouraged. Discouragement is a major problem in moving ahead. If our focus is not on the outcome but in the steps- we can always feel accomplished.
    That is sooo cool that you wrote this post. I’m gonna go tell my hubby- he will love this too.
    Great job!
    Eren Mckay