Hormones and ADHD

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I have always believed in a holistic approach to Attention Deficit Disorder because ADHD doesn’t just live in one part of your brain; things that go on in your body can affect your ADHD too.

As ADD Moms, we already know how hormones can affect our lives. Our weight, our shape, our emotions and even the amount of hair we have (and where it is) can be affected by hormones.

At this stage in your life, you most likely have experienced hormonal changes many times. Puberty, pregnancy, our monthly cycles and menopause all cause hormonal fluctuations.

What you may not realize is that those hormonal fluctuations can affect your ADHD.

Estrogen can affect your mood, your mental state and your memory. Low levels of estrogen can contribute to depression, PMS, and poor verbal memory.

Once you begin menopause, you may find that your ADHD symptoms are worse and that your medication is not as effective. At this time you may want to talk to your doctor about bioidentical hormone therapy and possibly thyroid therapy as well.

Any time your hormones fluctuate it causes changes in your body. It’s always wise to practice good self care, but you should be especially mindful of this when your hormone levels are changing.

Make sure you are eating a good healthy diet, getting some exercise, and most important – getting enough sleep. You have to support yourself during these transitions much as you would a friend.

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