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Today I read a blog post on Unclutterer about “The Keystone Demise”.

The author explains that a keystone is the middle stone in a stone arch that helps the arch stay intact and hold the structure in place. Without the keystone, whatever it is supporting – a building, a wall – would collapse.

When it comes to keeping your house in working order this article says that the smallest thing can be a keystone to your entire system and if you fail to do that one thing, the entire system begins to fall apart very quickly.

Some examples might be not hanging up your coat when you come in, or leaving towels or clothes on the floor.

Neglecting this, even for a day, sends a message to your subconscious and to those of the people who live with you basically saying “we’re no longer concerned with order anymore”. Before you know it, things have fallen apart all around you.

This article had some great suggestions for taking care of that problem before chaos sets in.

One idea was to keep a written list of end of day tasks. That way, before you retire for the night, you can take a quick look to see if you forgot anything and then take care of it.

Another idea was about having the right tools. If clothes on the bedroom floor are a problem, add a hamper to put them in. (It’s the first step anyway. For those of us with ADHD, the next would be to work on making it a habit to put our clothes in there.)

My very favorite idea, though, was this: do your nightly routine at least an hour before you intend to go to bed. That way, you know everything is done and you’ve got an entire hour to just relax and unwind.

I have a friend who does something very similar. When she gets home from work, she gets ready for bed: face washed and pj’s on. After dinner she does what she needs to around the house and generally has the better part of the evening just to relax.

Doesn’t that sound inviting?

And the good news is that you start a new day already prepared.

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