I Just Don’t Know – ADHD and Making a Decision

ADHD, decision

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Making Decisions

Do you have trouble making a decision?

Is that a hard question?

I ask because as I am writing this, I’m answering the question for myself.

And the answer is: yes and no.

ADHD, making decisions

Sometimes I can make a decision really quick – even really big ones.

Other times, it can take me forever. And sometimes, those decisions involve much smaller, less significant things.

Analysis Paralysis

A big part of being able to make a decision – or not make one – is all about procrastination. And perfection.

See, procrastination is ultimately about fear.

Fear of making the wrong decision. Or being wrong. Or failing.

And as perfectionists (yes, we are), we can’t face the idea of making a bad decision, being wrong, or failing. (Even though, as people with ADHD, we are more familiar than most with those very things. Maybe that’s why we try so hard to avoid them when we can.)

So, in order to make a decision, we need the facts. Right?

That’s the responsible thing to do.

So we do “research”.

Lots and lots of research.

Which basically does nothing more than help us avoid making a decision.

Decide Already

So how do we break this paralysis and finally make a decision?

Well, there are lots of ideas out there about how to decide about this or that. Most of them depend on what kind of decision you’re making.

  • Do you need to weigh pros and cons?
  • Is it a matter of urgency or importance? Both urgent and important, or only one?
  • Is this a life altering decision, or what to have for lunch?

You see, we could easily go down this road again – this road called “more research”.

But then we would be researching how to make a decision.

Not the specific decision in front of you at this very moment, but simply any decision.


The bottom line?


You make decisions all the time.

You have, all of your life.

Some have been good ones, and some have been learning experiences.

And that’s OK.

That’s part of what we’re here for – to learn.

So, trust in yourself for a change.

Stand up straight, take a deep breath, and decide.

No second guessing. No do overs.

Just do it.

You can, you know.

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