Outdoor Activities That Can Help People With ADHD

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Many people love going outside during the warm summer months. Unfortunately, many people with ADHD experience worse symptoms from the heat. We may struggle to focus, tire quicker, or have a shorter temper. That doesn’t mean we have to give up outdoor activities this summer, though. Some outdoor activities can actually help people with ADHD.

Organized Team Sports Provide Focused Stimulation

People of all ages can benefit from organized team sports, especially people with ADHD. Quick-paced options such as soccer and basketball are ideal because there’s a balance between stimulation and focus. The game is stimulating, with lots of movement. However, players must always keep their eyes on the ball and focus on the role of their position. Enroll yourself in an organized team sport to see if this is a good fit for you.

Planting a Garden Encourages Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of staying in the moment. As Christians, we can stop to pray and experience mindfulness, but we can also experience it in other ways. Gardening is a great outdoor activity that encourages mindfulness and can help people with ADHD stay calm. All the tasks of planting a garden and providing continued care require us to focus on the moment at hand. While there’s some pressure in caring for a garden because you don’t want things to die, there’s also the hope that we can always replant if we must.

Hiking and Fishing Improve Mental Health

We often think that hiking and fishing can take a while, so they’re not ideal for people with ADHD. However, spending time outdoors can reduce stress and improve focus, even with slower activities such as hiking and fishing. There are plenty of tips for hiking and fishing during the hot summer months that can help you and your loved ones enjoy going out, such as finding shady trails or fishing at night.

You can find many outdoor activities that can help people with ADHD enjoy getting out, even when it’s hot. Whether you’re trying to find something fun to do this summer or you want to get out in nature more, there’s an outdoor activity you can try.

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