10 Things That Make My ADHD Life Easier

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Items That Make my ADHD Life Easier and More Organized

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My Favorite Tools for ADHD and Where to Find Them

Believe it or not, I have not always been as in control of my ADHD symptoms as I likely seem to be on the podcast. The truth of the matter is that behind the scenes I am employing not only a laundry list of daily habits and routines, but I have a short list of ‘must-haves’. Must have items that I’ve found to genuinely help me in managing my ADHD symptoms.

Things like being late, forgetting the pizza in the oven, needing to quickly write something down, or tools that help me to be more efficient in my adult responsibilities are invaluable.

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The Ten Things & Links to Find all of them:

10. Gravity Cooling Blanket

9. Fitbit Versa 2

8. Matcha Tea

7. Echo Dot

6. Kids Play Couch

5. Crock Pot or Slow Cooker

4. Google Calendar –> Sign up for 10% off Google Workspace, which includes Google Meet, Google Docs, as well as Calendar, Notes and others.

3. Clear Organizing Containers

2. Large Whiteboard (on wheels)

1. Jesus!

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle is the writer of Lacyestelle.com and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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