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You know those Twix commercials where the person gets caught in an awkward moment and takes a bite of the candy to have a moment to think?

Well, it turns out that taking a moment is a good idea sometimes.

Those of us with ADHD have times when we could use a moment or two. Sometimes we need it to calm down or to collect our thoughts. Taking a quiet moment can sometimes help us re-focus.

But you don’t need a Twix to take that moment. (As many moments as we need would probably translate into extra pounds.)

Here are some alternatives to that Twix bar:

A strong mint like an Altoid. It’s an excuse to not speak right away and the intense flavor can really clear your brain.

A vial of aromatherapy oil. Lavender is a good choice, or a citrus one. Ask the person at the store or just find one you like.

A few deep breaths. Most of us don’t breathe properly and take in adequate oxygen. A few good breaths can calm you down, clear your head and help you focus.

Ask for a moment. If you’re with someone and your ADHD pops in, ask for a moment to get yourself together. People do it all the time. It’s no big deal.

Focus on a particular part of your body for a minute or less. Pay attention to your breathing or your heartbeat. Run your fingers through your hair or massage your neck.

Look for your own way to re-focus yourself. All you need is something that will change your behavior for a minute or so – just long enough to help you pull yourself together.

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle is the writer of Lacyestelle.com and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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