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Do you have a household notebook?

The Pleasures of Homemaking Household Notebook

In case you didn’t know, many women use a household notebook to keep things running smoothly at home. It can contain many things, but most often it has a family calendar, a list of contacts, a list of daily and weekly chores, and a section for menu planning. Some women include a detailed list of chores and how to do them so that no one has an excuse not to help keep things tidy, especially if you’re unavailable.

You might also include information about where out of season things are stored or a list of bills with due dates, account numbers and passwords for online bill pay.

Most household notebooks are homemade which means that you can customize them to fit your needs and make it look the way you want.

Most are made using a 3 ring binder so that you can add and remove pages as needed. For instance, you might want to add a section for your kids school events or after school activities. That way you always know where to find your son’s baseball schedule.

You might find that a household notebook is a good idea for you. It can do so much more than a simple planner can, although it’s probably not as portable. After all, a household notebook’s main purpose is to live at home.

I have used a household notebook in the past and found them very helpful. And after I’ve seen some of the more recent examples out there, I just may go back to using one.

Here are some great links for you to find out more:

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The Pleasures of Homemaking has the most beautiful household notebook I’ve ever seen! You have to go see! That’s the outside of it at the top of this post.

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