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You know that exercise is good for your ADD brain as well as your body right?

So how come you don’t do it more often?

I know you’ve got lots of answers but the number one reason has to be because it’s boring.

As ADDers, we crave excitement and variety. The local gym usually doesn’t offer a lot of either. I bet even racquetball could get boring after a while.

So let’s say you want to make exercise more a part of your life and you want to stick with it. What can you do?

I’ve got a few ideas, in no particular order:

Find a gym that has individual televisions on each treadmill and then find an interesting show to watch. I got tons of exercise during the Casey Anthony trial. (Sad but true).

Find a great friend who will exercise with you and help keep you going. The one who talks you into lattes after exercise is not the one.

Find a sport or activity you truly love.

Get some cute workout clothes. It’ll work for a while anyway.

Buy some new exercise videos. I especially like the 10-12 minute ones. It’s much easier to motivate yourself to exercise when it’s just for a short while. And 10-12 minutes is probably more than you’re doing now.

Take dance lessons or join a Zemba class.

Park your car farther away.

Take a walk after dinner.

Get a pedometer and aim to increase your number of steps each day.

Turn off the TV and move. Or at least move during commercials.

There are all kinds of ways to add more movement into your day. You just have to look for the opportunities.

Don’t let your perfectionism take over and insist on a complete 60 minute workout every day. That’s too much to expect and you’ll quit.

Just aim to move a little bit more each day.

That’s a good start.

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