The Back Up Plan

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When you have ADHD, it’s always important to have a back up plan, especially for those things that give you extra trouble.

If you’re always running out of socks or underwear or towels before you can get to the laundry, then maybe it makes sense to buy extra of those items. And maybe you should take a look at your laundry schedule and see if it’s really working for you.

I know. You don’t have a laundry schedule. Maybe you can make one?

In our house, when my kids were younger, everyone was responsible for doing one load of towels a week. That’s 5 loads a week – plenty to get us through.

If the kids (or anyone else) is running out of clothes to wear before laundry day, again, rethink your schedule. And also put aside one outfit as a backup.

And if washing whites with colors is holding you back, then do each person’s laundry together – socks and underwear included.

I know you want to do it the “right” way. You want those perfect whites you see on TV. Wouldn’t you settle for clean?

So what if your problem is always forgetting appointments or arriving late?

First, note your appointments in more than one spot. Maybe on your wall calendar and in your phone. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you. And think about setting it for the day before to give you a heads up.

If you’re always late, try this: note your appointment for 15 minutes ahead, make sure you know how to get there and how long the drive really takes, get your clothes, etc ready the night before, and if you’re still running late, at least call ahead and let them know.

Are you spending too much time and money at the drive through because dinner is a problem?

Here are a few answers:

Next time you make something like a casserole, double the recipe and freeze half. Now you have dinner for another day when you don’t have time.

Make friends with your slow cooker. A few chicken breasts and some seasoning can make for lots of recipes. This is a good time to cook extra too. And don’t forget the crock pot liner – no clean up!

Always have the ingredients on hand for at least one pantry meal. This is stuff that you can store in your pantry or freezer that can make a quick dinner. A good example is spaghetti noodles and a jar of sauce. Like meat in your spaghetti? Cook a large amount of ground beef with onions and seasoning; cool and freeze in individual serving sizes.

If you give it a little creative thought, you can come up with a back up plan for almost anything.

What do you need a back up plan for?

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