The Holiday Rush

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Are you feeling the crunch yet? I know I am.

Nothing bought, nothing cleaned and polished, nothing mailed. And I’ve already been invited to two events.

When you have ADHD, any given day in the year can be overwhelming. When it’s the holiday season, it can get crazy.

I suggest you cut back and simplify and be sure to take extra care of yourself.

Here are a few things I’ve eliminated from our celebrations:

Baking cookies. I don’t like baking in general, and small things like cookies and cupcakes are just too much trouble. I do have a super simple recipe I might try: small pretzel with a Rollo on top. Heat in the oven til it starts to melt, then remove and squish a pecan into the top. You can get the real details on a bag of Rollos.

I choose one outfit that I can accessorize differently for any holiday event. If it’s an entirely different group of people, I may not change anything at all. And I make sure it’s comfortable and warm.

A stick on bow is enough. No ribbon, no fancy Martha stuff.

I have a menu for both Christmas eve and Christmas day and that’s what I cook. Lasagna for the 24th, prime rib for the 25th.

I limit desserts. Christmas is usually a cheesecake.

I take advantage of things like pre-chopped vegetables in the produce aisle.

I’m limiting presents this year. My kids are all grown and I have a 16 month old grandson. He is what our Christmas will be about this year. Even then, he doesn’t need much, so I’ll just get him a few things.

You’re going to think I’m a scrooge for this one, but I don’t take pictures. I’m just not that kind of person. I may take one or two with my phone for Facebook, but that’s it.

I put out just the amount of decorations that I feel like dealing with each year. Sometimes it’s all of them, sometimes less.

I follow the 100 Days to Christmas and even then, I skip a lot.

Finally, I try to find one small fun thing for each of my kids. Sure, they’re grown up, but they can have fun with a small toy or a silly pair of socks too.

How do you simplify your holidays?

Oh, I forgot to mention – I always remember to go grocery shopping. 🙂

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