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There are times in every ADD Moms life when things get really tough. It might be because of outside situations beyond your control or it might be because of your ADHD symptoms.

Usually it’s a combination of both.

When something unexpected happens – a loved one gets ill, a job layoff, some unexpected repairs or bills – your ADHD symptoms seem to spin out of control.

It seems that way because you’ve been distracted in a big way. Whatever happened was so awful that it’s hard to think of anything else. It distracts you from normal life.

How can you possibly remember things like paying the electric bill or picking up a gallon of milk when you’ve got this major thing staring you in the face?

Well it’s true that a major event in your life will demand much of your attention and distract you from everyday life. But when you have ADHD, being distracted from everyday life can be a big deal and neglecting that can have an even bigger negative impact on your life.

So what can you do when life’s inevitable crises pop up?

First, take care of the basics and do it when things are OK – before they get out of control.

Establish bottom line basic self care for yourself. What is the minimum that you need to function? How many hours of sleep? What kind of diet? Vitamins or supplements? Meditation?

Find things that you can rely on to help you stay on track and DO NOT give them up in times of crisis. They are what will save you.

Do the best you can to get your life in order. A reasonably clean and organized home. A system of some sort to keep the bills on track. Easy meal plans.

Hint: this is where a household notebook might come in handy. In times of a crisis, others will have access to the things that keep your house running. They will know what chores need to be done, how, and when so they can take over. Pantry meals will help during this time as well.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help or go out and get it. Family and friends can pitch in. Hire a teenager to watch the kids or help with housework. You could even (gasp) hire a cleaning agency to come in and give the house a once over.

Make an effort to find some time to yourself on a regular basis. Use that time to do something soothing or calming like meditation or spiritual practice.

Seek out the company of others. Now is not the time to give up on social time. Get out and mix with others now and then.

Finally, realize that, like everything else, this too will pass. Do the best you can, stay positive, look for the lesson. And then remember that it won’t last forever.

You can get through the tough times with ADHD without your life going down the tubes. You can do it.

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Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle is the writer of and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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  1. This post was very helpful. Even on days when my routine is thrown out of whack because of unforeseen illness, doctors appointments or even last minute errands my symptoms seem to get magnified and I find it hard to get back on track. I’m going to keep this in mind next time and maybe plan ahead whenever possible.