Are You Making Your To Do List Too Hard?

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Rachel at Small Notebook wrote an excellent post yesterday titled “Are You Making Your To Do List Too Hard? Find Out Why”.

Rachel talks about how she tends to see the big picture, with all of the tasks associated with it, while her husband can focus on just the task at hand.

I particularly love the following quote because I think it sums up our ADHD brains quite well.

It feels like my mind is covered with post-it notes all the time. I might look at one, and all the rest will be right there.

And this one captures us so well:

I don’t just think about the one thing I’m working on, I’m thinking about what I did earlier, what the kids are doing right now, and the five things I’m going to do next. I’m also replaying an earlier conversation in my head and trying not to let something bad that happened bring down my mood.

I should add here that I am not in any way implying that Rachel has ADHD. I really have no idea. All I am doing is pointing out how well she can put into words the way that our brains work.

Rachel talks about other things that can prevent us from getting things done. These include perfectionism, idealism, and control.

Pop over to Rachel’s site, “Small Notebook” and read the entire article. There is a lot of great information there.

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  1. THANK YOU! It feels GREAT not to be alone! I never realized that I was ADD until I started homeschooling my kids. Oi! I had to get grounded and simplified “organized” in a hurry! I did it though! I had seperate areas that allowed for a subject or craft to be done—this allowed me to keep my creative side going so “I wouldn’t get bored”. So I used, the kitchen, the patio, the garden etc. to make a “classroom”. IT REALLY worked with my children (1 ADD) and their friends that were “quirky” also. 🙂

    Now, if I could only sit still long enough for a job interview and stay concentrated long enough to complete the dang application–I would be set. I don’t know about you all, but does anyone else out there just feel like “they can do anything”? I have done everything from forkliftdriving to owning and managing my own business for several years (Yes! All on a whimm)

    It’s like we are, some secret government project, to create a real Super Mom! Heightened hearing, major multi-tasker, leaps into action in a single bound, catches “dropped balls” when others aren’t doing their jobs, etc…….