Do You Use Evernote?

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Have you heard of Evernote?

Evernote is a website that also includes apps and a web clipper that lets you save anything you find online. I’m sure you know what a mess we ADDers could quickly make saving everything online that we found interesting. Evernote lets us do that in an organized manner and in a way that we can find things later. Was someone thinking ADHD when it was invented?

I’ve used it for several years, but lately I’ve been seeing a lot more about it and I’m beginning to think that I am not using it to it’s full potential.

I have the app on my phone and the web clipper on my laptop. I can also access Evernote online of course.

I really like the web clipper a lot. I pay our bills online, make purchases online, and do things like make reservations online. When I get a confirmation number, I just click on the web clipper in my tool bar and it copies the page for me and allows me to choose which notebook it goes in and to add tags.

When I first started using it, I just dumped everything I wanted to save into it. No organization, nothing.

You can imagine how well that worked.

Evernote does let you add tags to each thing you save and create notebooks to divide things, but I wasn’t doing any of that.

One day I sat down and got it organized. Now I have different notebooks for different things: bills, business, family stuff, personal stuff, etc. And I use tags, but probably not as much as I should.

As I said, a lot has been popping up lately about Evernote, so I thought I would take another look and let you know what I’ve found.

In addition to Evernote, they now have similar apps for recipes, remembering people you meet, studying smarter, and even reading. All of those will need another post. For now let’s just talk about Evernote.

On my phone app, I can take a picture from Evernote and then save it there. I can see this being handy if you are house hunting, shopping for something, and lots of other things.

You can also do the same with a picture from your phone. You can add it to Evernote along with notes.

You can set an alarm to remind you of something – maybe a project that you are working on. I read about one woman who creates a different notebook for each project she is working on and includes the year so that she can see at a glance how busy she will be in the coming weeks.

Mark O’Neill from Make Use of has written a detailed article about how to use Evernote.

Here are a few of his many great ideas:

Email all of your important photos and documents to Evernote. Mark thinks this is the easiest way to find what you need quickly. Apparently Evernote gives each user a unique email address which can be found under Account Summary.

You can share notebooks with others, for instance, if you and someone else are working on a document together.

You can make a to do list, along with reminders.

You can dictate a note rather than write one.

And – one of my favorites – you can transfer all of your bookmarks over to Evernote, allowing your browser to run faster, and letting you add images and notes about why you bookmarked the page.

Be sure to check out Mark’s article. You may even want to save it in Evernote. There’s a lot to read and put to use; it will take more than one read through to get the most use out of his advice. I know it’s going in my notebook!

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