I Confess: I Am Not Perfect

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My husband said something to me today that really hurt my feelings. I know he didn’t mean to – actually he was telling the truth – but it hurt just the same.

If you don’t know already, I’m confessing now: I’m not perfect. I don’t expect others to be perfect, but deep down inside I think I expect it of myself. Talk about setting yourself up for failure.

Anyway, my husband has this habit of helping his buddies out – he went to Tom’s house today to cut down a tree limb and last weekend he helped Bob put a floor in.

At our house, the basement is in the midst of being finished. There are pieces of lumber and drywall everywhere. When it gets done, part will be sort of a family space and our daughter will have the bedroom she wants. But it’s hard to get it done when you’re helping others.

I jokingly mentioned that maybe I ought to call one of his friends to come over and help us, and my husband replied that he wouldn’t want them to come over and see our house in the condition that it’s in.

Did he mean the basement or the whole house? And of course, I see that comment as a direct reflection of me and my housekeeping abilities.

I admit that I hate housekeeping, but I do like a clean house. And up until today, I thought I was doing an OK job.

But after that comment, I started to take a look around. It’s amazing what you stop seeing after a while. You know that thing about ADDers – how we leave stuff out in the open so we don’t forget it? Well, if you don’t, I have visual aids for you.

This is the pile of pillows and quilts from the family room. They are in the living room now. That’s as far as they made it.


Next to the quilts is a pile of baskets and stuff that are supposed to be decorative. They are not decorative sitting in a pile on the table.


These are some of my daughter’s school books. They sort of live in the floor next to the chair.


And next to my daughter Caitlin’s books is a tote holding some office supplies. While we’re remodeling Cait’s bedroom, she is sleeping in my office, so this was my “temporary” solution.

That’s all I’m going to show you. Hey, I have some dignity.

So today I am cleaning up and putting away my piles. It won’t get the basement done any sooner, but it will make me feel better.

What about you? Do you have piles in your house?

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2 Responses

  1. Just so you know – cause I need you to know – it is one hour after I posted this. I have cleaned up all of the piles that I showed you, and it took me less than an hour!

    I’ve got 3 more piles left and those will get cleared out ASAP.

  2. I used to be almost compulsively, anally neat..but once the two little monsters came along, well I am sometimes reduced to ‘piles’ and it’s hard to stay on top of it. I make piles so I’ll remember to tackled a certain project, or so I remember to put something away, or so I it appeasr I’m SOMEWHAT organized because piles are better than say….heaps??? I dunno. It’s just hard. Don’t let your hubs make you sad. He probably j ust meant that the basement is all toreu p adn things are a little chaotic.