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Ever since I broke my arm, I’ve had to learn to do lots of things with just my right arm. Lucky for me I’m right handed. Still, you’d be surprised how many things really need 2 arms to do.

There are so many things around the house that really require the use of both arms. Getting the laundry basket from upstairs to the basement, for one.

I am always and perpetually interested in better ways to get and keep the house clean. I like a clean home as much as anybody, but let’s face it – housework is boring. And repetitive.

A while back I shared a tip on Facebook about cleaning your microwave super quick and easy.

Then on Pinterest I found some good tips about keeping the shower clean. Click on the link above to see the pins – it’s under “Organizing”.

It was about keeping a dish scrubber – the kind with the handle that you fill with dish soap – in the shower with a mixture of half Dawn and half vinegar. Use it to scrub down the shower walls after your shower.

Yesterday because it was so spring like outside, I bought myself a bouquet of yellow tulips. I put them in my grandmother’s vase on the kitchen table. But first, because I wanted them to look so nice, I cleaned the table really well.

I have a wooden table and it can get yucky after a while, especially cause I usually just use a damp cloth to clean it. So yesterday I sprinkled a little baking soda on it – I keep some in one of those shakers for parmesan cheese – and then scrubbed it with a damp cloth and followed with furniture polish.

The bonus was when my neighbor came over for a visit. I was so proud of myself for having such a pretty table to sit at!

There is a point here. The flowers inspired me to clean. Hey – whatever works, right?

I bought something else yesterday that also inspired me to clean. It’s a microfiber duster. It kind of looks like the Swiffer duster but its reusable. Everything got dusted yesterday – even the window frames. (That was an eye opener!)

Another thing I’ve learned is that if you’ve going to use household cleaners, let them do their job.

We have hard water here and the stains can be a challenge. I’ve learned that spraying the cleaner on and then waiting 10, 15, even 30 minutes (depending on the stain) can mean less work for you. We’re all about that, right?

This is a subject that I know we all struggle with – one arm or two – so expect more this week. I just found the best site…

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