Papers, Piles, and ADD

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Do I need to say anything more? You already know, don’t you?

Do you have a stack of papers somewhere, a pile here and there? What’s in there that’s important? How about overdue bills?

Papers and piles are some of the biggest things that people with ADD struggle with. So many of the papers we get are important and we don’t want to lose them, so we leave them out so we can see them and remember.

You know what happens to those piles of papers, don’t you? They get bigger and bigger and anything that might have been important in lost in the middle. After a while, it gets too scary to look.

Yesterday I got to feel good twice about my papers and piles.

The first time was when my son was looking for one of his important papers. Of course, he didn’t know where it was – just that it wasn’t laying on the table where he left it days ago. It was in the file cabinet, filed in the appropriate folder under his name. Score one for me.

The mail came a short while later, and there was an envelope with an attorney’s letterhead on it addressed to me. That’s never good. I was kinda scared to look. What had I done?

What I had done was pay off my credit card a year ago. Except, a whole year later, without any sort of contact in between, the credit card’s attorney was wondering why I wasn’t paying my account.

Lucky for me, I knew just what to do. I went to the file cabinet, got the file and called the attorney’s office. Of course, I got her voice mail.

I left her a message telling her the account had been paid off a year ago. I gave her the exact date. I told her who I talked to at the credit card company on what date and time and the figure he gave me for payoff. I told her I would fax her a copy of my documentation including my bank statement clearly showing who the payment went to.

Did that ever make me feel good! I still feel good today.

You can feel this way, too. Next time I’ll give you an overview of how I set my system up and why it works so well.

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Lacy Estelle is the writer of and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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