Mind Maps and ADHD

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Recently I wrote a post about being able to focus and prioritize your projects, something none of us are good at.

At the time, I suggested that one way might be to make a list and then break it down into smaller steps.

While I still think that it’s a great idea, it’s not something that’s so easy to do.

You see, making a list is a linear, left brained activity.

ADD brains are non-linear and right brained. You see the problem?

I think a different idea might be the solution. It has to do with mind maps. You can read what I wrote about it on ADD Student here.

Just because mind mapping is taught to students as a way to understand ideas and concepts doesn’t mean that we can’t use it as adults.

Do some more research online and be sure to visit Tony Buzan’s site and check out his video on You Tube. Then get yourself some blank paper and some colorful markers and give it a try. (I rarely use pictures in mine, but I like it just the same.)

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