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You know how every now and then things get piled up and you have to go through and restore order?

We ADD Moms have that problem probably more than most.

My kitchen has been that way lately.

So today I went through and straightened up.

The winter gloves went back into the closet where they belong.

Car keys? Hall table.

The recycling stuff went into the recycling bin in the garage.

But what to do with that can of WD-40?

I don’t have a place for it.

I guess it should go with my husband’s tools and stuff, but they’re in the garage and it probably wouldn’t be good to store it there in this weather. I mean, I can get colder bottled water just from the garage without even opening the refrigerator.

This ended up being my (temporary) solution:


Hey, it works. I have a theme going; there’s an ACE Hardware coupon there too. 😉

So what’s my point here?

Everything in your home needs a home, a place to call it’s own.

That way, when you start straightening the house up, you’ll know where to put things.

Things that don’t have a home have nowhere to go and they end up anywhere and everywhere. You end up with a mess and trouble finding what you need.

There’s a happy ending to this story. Apparently WD-40 doesn’t mind the cold at all, so it’s new home is in the garage.

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