That Mess You Call a Purse

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Or maybe you call it a bag. Either way, you know what I’m talking about.

Messy Purse

Have you ever struggled to find something in your purse? Do you have trouble finding it because you have so much stuff in there? It’s especially embarrassing when you’re holding up the line looking for your bank card, check book or money.

Purse manufacturers must have spies in those lines behind us because they have come up with ways to help us find what we need in our purse easier.

Some bags come with built in lights that come on when you open your purse. Really.

Lots of bags now have all kinds of organizational pockets in them, like for your cell phone or credit cards.

I carry what’s called a cross body bag. The strap goes across your body instead of on your shoulder. My bag is about the size of a paperback book but with the pockets and organizational style I can carry a lot.

My daughter Caitlin is a fan of oversized bags and boy can she load them up. There’s food in there, and makeup, a pack of cards and who knows what else.

No matter which kind of purse you carry, you need to keep it well organized.

Sandy from Organize with Sandy has written a few articles about this very subject. Here are some of her suggestions:

Sandy uses something called a pouchee to organize her purse. A pouchee is a small bag that has places for your most essential things: cards, money, pens, etc. Here is a picture of one from Sandy’s site:

I love that pink color!

If you click on the link you can see more pictures and read Sandy’s description of how it works. She is also offering a discount for a limited time. (Note: I am not making money from this product; I just thought it was a good idea).

Sandy also has an article about organizing all of your purses that you might want to check out.

Here are some of my ideas for keeping your purse organized:

Buy a number of small zippered bags. You can find them in the cosmetics bags section of almost any store and sometimes by the wallets. Ideally you don’t want a set of matching bags. Look for ones that are different sizes and colors.

How many bags you need depends on what you carry.

When I used this system, I had one for money related things like bank cards, cash, and my checkbook. I used another for cosmetic related things like lip balm, a hair brush and hand cream. I had one for things like tissue, cough drops and medications I needed to have with me, and the last one was for pens, stamps and notepads.

If they’re all different, it’s easy to spot the one you need. I used this system for a long time until found my current bag.

How do you organize your purse?

Or do you??

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