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Your Planner is Incomplete

I don’t care which planner you are using, or whether it is paper or electronic, I can almost guarantee that it is missing one vital section: your home.

We have planners in order to keep our lives add woman missing planner section

To get us to appointments on time, or at least remind us that we have them.

To highlight holidays and special events, maybe even to keep track of your water intake or your budget.

But what about your home?

Do you have a section in your planner that reminds you to clean the bathroom sink or do a load of laundry? (I have a friend who laughed once because “clean the bathroom” was on my to do list. I don’t get it.)

Here is an article that you might find useful when it comes to housekeeping.

We Have ADHD

Yes, we have ADHD and I think it is way past time that someone made a planner for us. (I tried once, but the costs of production were far beyond my reach.)

Maybe others will think it’s silly, but we do need reminders for things like cleaning the bathroom and going to the grocery store.

Oh, wait! I forgot! My “From Chaos to Clean” course has a Trello board for just those things. Well, not going to the grocery store. Sorry.

But for those of you who didn’t take the course, what can you do?

I have two suggestions:

  1. Add your cleaning tasks to your to do list for the day or week in your paper planner and then keep it where you can see it. I think for most of us, that means somewhere on the kitchen counter.
  2. If you’re using an electronic planner, get a small notebook and leave that on your counter with your list of things to get done around the house.

There are Apps for That

The one thing that I like about apps is that you can use them on your phone. I have been trying (and still am) to become one of those people who does everything with their phone.

Giving up my paper planner is hard – I still haven’t found an app that can do that – but there are apps that can help you with just housecleaning.

So if you had a planner for everything else, the right app could be your “missing section” for keeping your home in order.

Here are some I found:

  • Tody is for iPhones only, but it is recommended by Martha herself. The app bases your tasks on what seems to need to be done rather than a deadline, although it does let you set those as well. You can also set it to share with others so that you (hopefully) will not be doing all the cleaning yourself. It costs $6.99.
  • Home Routines is (if I remember correctly) based somewhat on Flylady’s system, in that it uses zones for cleaning. It’s also for iPhones only. You can customize it, and it comes with a timer as well as the ability to set deadlines. It does cost $4.99. I don’t remember paying for it years ago, and like Flylady, I found it a bit overwhelming.
  • House Cleaning List is for Android phones. It allows you to create and customize lists, although it is not clear whether or not it comes with pre-made ones. It does offer templates for purchase. The app itself is .99.
  • OurHome looks like the most promising of the apps that I found. It is available for both iPhone and Android, and you can access it online as well. In addition to being able to share with family members, it also has a grocery list function, a calendar, a reward system for your kids to do their chores, and it’s smart, so it learns your habits as you use it. And it’s free!

So what about you?

Do you need a reminder to do things other do automatically, like clean the bathroom?

And if you do, what do you use?

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