What Can You Eliminate?

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It’s All About Stuff

This time of year is all about giving and it’s safe to say that most of us will be fortunate enough to end Christmas Day with more than we started with.
Now, then, is a good time to think about what you don’t need or want anymore. What can you eliminate? And how soon can you do it?

Where to Begin

If you have kids, that’s a great place to begin. Have them clear out old or unwanted toys to make room for new ones.
Everyone can clear out their closets and drawers to get rid of things that no longer work for one reason or another. Underwear and socks that lost their stretch. Clothes that you’re going to fit into “one day”.
How about all the plastic ware in your kitchen? Do they all have lids? Are you still using margarine tubs for storage? How do you know what’s in there or when you’re out of margarine? (Oh, and switch to real butter. It’s better for you.)

The Drill

You know it by now.
Some garbage bags. And maybe some boxes or even more bags. Can we maybe make these store bags instead of garbage? It feels better.

You’ll Feel Better

Seriously. This is just a little mini-decluttering going on.
Get rid of some stuff and you’ll feel so much lighter – physically and spiritually.
And if you want more of a challenge, try this.

I Challenge You

Decide what you’re going to eliminate, then get your supplies ready.
Set a timer (there’s one on your phone) for 15 minutes.
Now go!
The beauty of this system is that because of the speed in which you do it, you have to make quick decisions.
No agonizing, no back and forth. Trust your first instinct- it’s usually right – and just do it.
When the timer goes off, throw out your trash – all the way to the garbage bin outside – tie up your donation bags firmly, and put them in the trunk of your car.
You have places to go? Presents to buy and deliver and pick up? The donation bags will be in the way?
Put them on top of everything else.
There are donation boxes everywhere, even in my little bit of the country.
Store parking lots, church parking lots.
It doesn’t matter.
Just give.
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