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31 Days and 31 ways to simplify your life, whether or not you have ADHD :)
31 Days and 31 ways to simplify your life, whether or not you have ADHD 🙂


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Many of us with ADHD have cluttered spaces.

We forget about things, lose things, and set things down without thinking.

We tend to leave things out in order to remember that they are there and so that we can find them later, but after so many instances of this, what we end up with is merely a mess.

Because we rarely live in the moment, in the present, we set things down without noticing because our minds are already several minutes or hours ahead of us – living in the future. Thus we have no memory of where we left our keys or our glasses because we weren’t really present when we put them down somewhere.

There is a new book out called “the life-changing magic of tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing” by Marie Kondo that has hit the New York Times best seller list and sold over 3 million copies.

It presents a radically different way of looking at and approaching the art of decluttering and organizing.

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I just got the book a couple of days ago, so I haven’t finished reading it; I will do a complete review next month.

For now, though, since it fit into our 31 Days theme of Simplify, I thought I would make you aware of it and give you some highlights.

The author, Marie Kondo, believes that decluttering and organizing should not be an ongoing practice; rather, she thinks that, done properly, you should do it once and never have to do it again.

Pretty hard to believe, right?

But Ms. Kondo says that if you utilize her method properly, when you are done, your life will change for the better and you will feel so good and so at peace that you will never go back.

I’ve read several reviews from other blogs and every one of them is positive. They say that the system continues to work and some say that it has changed their life. You can check them out on my Pinterest board.

As I understand it, you start by going through your possessions by category; all of your books, all of your clothes, etc. Going through room by room is not advised because it allows you to shuffle things from one place to another.

As you sort through your things, you ask yourself, “Does this give me joy?’. If the answer is yes, then you have to decide where to store it.

Everything else is discarded.

What you are left with are only the things you love – and lots of space.

Because you have fewer possessions and you designated a storage spot for each of them, there is no clutter and it takes very little time to do whatever cleaning is left.

There is much more to the book than just this, of course, but these are the basic ideas.

What do you think?

Could you, would you do it?

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