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I just read an interesting article over at Real Simple called Time Management Struggles and Techniques for the Modern Woman.

The author, Ruth Davis Konigsberg, says that women today are trying to do too much. You think??

In addition to working outside of the home – which is true for many of us – we are also raising families, dealing with kids activities, keeping up the house, managing the bills, and trying to put a healthy meal on the table most nights.

On top of all that, we rarely take time for ourselves – cause really, where are we going to find it? And if we do, we often feel guilty about it, which keeps us from truly benefitting from me time.

Coming home from one job only to start another one – managing the household – never gives our bodies time to relax and recover. It keeps our stress levels up, which can contribute to weight gain, poorer sleep, and high blood pressure.

Davis Konigsberg also points out that most of us have never ending to do lists and that when we get a sliver of downtime, we’re likely to spend it with the kids. We all love our children, but they too can place extra stress on an already stressed mom.

So what does the author suggest as a solution? Not much, unfortunately.

Setting more attainable goals and making time for fun are the two that were suggested. Under “setting more attainable goals” the observation was made that women still do most of the housework, either feeling guilty for asking for help or feeling that the other person would not do things to their standards.

All of this is good information, but not worth much in my opinion in terms of a solution.

If we work, are we supposed to lower our standards for a clean home? How can we put ourselves first now and then without the guilt?

And of course, the article doesn’t even touch on the added stress that goes along with being an ADD Mom.

Something to think about for sure.

What about you? How do you solve these problems in your life? Oh, and if you have a housekeeper or cleaning service, I would love to hear about it.

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  1. We have a cleaning person who comes once per week and recently expanded her role to come twice some weeks to help with laundry and other household things we never get to (closets, baseboards, etc).
    In season, we have hired out the yard work.
    We still struggle with a lot around the house and carving out even a little time for myself. With 4 active kids and two full time jobs it is just impossible.