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The post I did yesterday about my simplified day planner brought back some memories.

I remembered that I had done a scrapbook once for my parents as a Christmas gift. They lived in Florida and we were in Michigan, and they missed us so much. I followed the kids around with a camera, took a bunch of pictures, and added things like school papers and crafts.

One of the things I did was to copy my calendar and my simple day planner just to give them an idea of how busy we were.

I took some pictures tonight of my planner and I thought I would share. I’m sorry they’re not clearer – I used my cell phone and the papers are 15 years old!!!!


Thats my calendar for November 1994. Boy were we busy!


Here’s a close up.


And this is a page from my planner.

On it, one of my to dos was to call around to meat markets looking for a lamb’s kidney. Andy had read about them at school and wanted to dissect one – his sister Sarah in 6th grade was getting ready to dissect frogs and he wanted to try it too. My neighbor Mary was trying to help me find one for him. One night as she was drifting off to sleep she mentioned to her husband that she was trying to help me find a kidney for Andy. He was quite alarmed until she explained. 🙂

I had Girl Scouts, skate sharpening to have done, a run to the bank, and a note to start the automatic timer on the oven for on at 3:00, off at 5:45. I was making a pork roast and fried apples for dinner that night; it’s noted at the bottom of the page.

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me; I know I did.

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