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As a person with a business online, I am often given advice on how to “work smarter, not harder”. One suggestion I hear a lot is to systemize much of my business. That means I put as much as possible into systems – having a set series of steps for tasks I do often, or using technology to do more things for me.

You can do the same thing by systemizing your ADHD. The more of your life that you can systemize, the smoother it will run and the less stress you’ll have. ADD symptoms won’t be as bad when things are getting done without effort.

Here’s an example: if you’re an ADD mom, you probably plan the weekly meals and do the shopping. Sometimes ADD dads do this too.

You could systemize this by signing up for a service that will plan your meals and write your grocery list for you, or you could set up a system for weekly meals, or even monthly ones.

If you need help setting that system up, I have a free meal planning sheet plus 2 different grocery lists in the Library, along with other good stuff! Just sign up below.

Take a look at what you cook on a regular basis, and then assign each meal to a day. My mom always made a roast on Sundays, and we usually got some form of leftover roast on Tuesday. If your schedule is really packed on certain days of the week, plan a crock pot meal for those days. Assign chicken to Mondays or burgers to Fridays. Get the picture?

Lots of things can be systemized this way. At our house, I wash a load of towels every other day. Mondays are dusting and floors, and I try to get errands done on Friday.

You can use this same idea at work, too, by assigning regular tasks to a certain day and time.

Give this idea a try and see how it works for you. I bet you’ll start seeing all kinds of opportunities for systemizing.

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