Are You A Drama Queen?

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I never knew exactly what was meant by a “drama queen” until I had my third child. The kid should have been born with a crown on her head.

Nothing is ever simple – it’s always a big production of one kind or another. A minor headache turns into a brain tumor, and cramps are worse than any labor pains any of us have ever had. Above all, attention must be paid.

I really think that her Attention Deficit Disorder is partly to blame.

    She is easily bored, and therefore requires entertainment. If no one will provide it, she will create it.

    She is impulsive, often doing things without thinking of the consequences. So she takes off running to catch up with her friends without looking to see if there is ice on the sidewalk. Falling and breaking four bones in your hand will get you lots of attention for quite a while.

    She likes to take risks at times, either for the adrenaline rush or for the attention.

The DQ is definitely a high maintenance girl.

Are you a drama queen? Do you think your Attention Deficit Disorder contributes? Do you like being who you are, or would you rather change?

Personally, I think my DQ likes being the center of attention, and has no reason to stop. One day when she isn’t so young and pretty, that might change. 🙂

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