Do you ever get to the end of the day and wonder where it went? You feel like you’re busy all day long and yet you don’t seem to have anything to show for it?

I feel that way a lot, especially now. I’m taking occupational therapy for my arm and on the days I have an appointment, it seems like nothing else gets done. It’s only a few hours out of my day. What happened to the rest of it?

I’m not sure I have a one size fits all solution for you, but here are some things that might help:

Part of our trouble with time has to do with our ADHD and Executive Functioning. We have to find ways to work around it.

But part too, is our tendency to get bored easily and get distracted. Also ADHD.

The point is, it’s kind of part of who we are. Do the best you can, be a Big Girl and do what has to be done, and then ease up on yourself. You have all sorts of gifts to offer the world that have nothing to do with productivity and efficiency. Spend some time on those too.

Tell me what you think!

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