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I have a confession to make.

You may not like me after you hear it, but I have to say it.

I hate football.

Yes, that’s right. I said it. I hate football.

I don’t understand it and I just don’t care for it.

My entire family except me loves football.

The TV is on all day on Sunday with one football game after another.

Then there’s Monday night.

And Thursday night.

And college football on Saturdays.

It’s just too much.

Football at our house started around 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning. The Lions were playing in London. (Yes, we’re Lions fans. We’re from Detroit.)

All I was doing was trying to relax in the living room. But it got really hard with all of that noise in the family room. It was distracting.

Then I remembered these little gems:

Sometimes I Just Want Peace

These are Sound Intone headphones that I got on Amazon for less than $20.

I’ve been interested in getting some headphones ever since my daughter got some.

And then my friend and I tried some on at Target that were over $100.

Now if you’re really into music and know all about it, I’m sure those $100 headphones are what you need.

But me? I just like to listen to some music, or like on Sunday, watch a movie in peace.

Here’s what I think about these Sound Intone Headphones:

Those headphones helped me enjoy a movie and feel like it was just me at home.

That little bit of peace was worth a lot!

Oh, and if you need to get some work done and don’t want to be distracted, put on some classical music and these headphones. You’ll be surprised the difference it makes!

Tell me what you think!

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