Did you know that a broom can be a powerful thing?

The Power of the Broom

No, not that kind of broom. 😉

This kind of broom.

The Power of the Broom-2

And where does the magic of this kind of broom come from?

It’s power lies in the act of using it.

Not just to get your floors clean, but as a form of meditation.


When you need to clear your head for a bit, a broom can be an excellent tool, a powerful, magical thing.

Sweeping away the dust and the dirt on your floors – or even better, your outside spaces – can clear out the cobwebs and debris in your inner spaces.

It’s a little bit of solitude just for you, to let your mind wander and just be. It doesn’t take much effort, but the effects can be very soothing.

So next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and too busy, slow down. Grab a broom and sweep your way to peace and calm.


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