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Did you ever have a sudden moment of clarity about something that you wanted to do?

Maybe it was something that you had been thinking about or struggling with and then out of nowhere an idea comes to you.

If you’re anything like me, by the time you get to the computer or a notebook or wherever you need to go to record that idea, it’s gone.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

The reason that it happens is because those of us gifted with ADHD have poor short term memories. We should probably start carrying a pen around with us at all times and just write things down on our arm when we think of them.

As a total aside – when I was in labor with my first daughter, the anesthesiologist came in to get my pertinent information and then proceeded to write it all down on the leg of his scrubs.

He said he had it handy where he could easily reference it when needed.

Hey, whatever works, right?

You’re probably wondering when I’m going to get to the part about Focus in a Bottle.

Now would be good. 😉


I know that I have written about PowerOn before, but I wanted to mention it again.

I review a lot of things and usually have a good opinion of what I’m trying, but I don’t think I have ever followed up a review with a second one.

I have a few things in my cupboard that claim to help with focus or attention. I have reviewed some, and others were purchases. And as with a lot of things I try and I buy, I use them for a while and then forget about them.

PowerOn is not in that cupboard.

It lives in a basket on my desktop.

I keep it there so that I remember it because when I take it, I can get a couple of reliable hours of focus and concentration. Consistently, with no side effects.

Now it would be nice if I could get more than two or three hours, but that’s usually enough to help get done whatever I am doing, which is most often related to An ADD Woman.

I said in my review that I think it’s a little pricey at first glance, but that if you were to try and buy the ingredients individually, I’m sure you would spend much more, and you wouldn’t know if you were taking them in the correct amount.

It would be nice if they could offer a sample size so that you could try it first. Are you listening, PowerOn???

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3 Responses

  1. Thank you for your much needed voice:) I’m funding the donation of a Therapeutic Adult Coloring Book for PTSD, and Adult ADHD Patients to a local mental health organization. Art has always been a refuge from my own PTSD and I want to share that respite with the world. I’ve been an illustrator for twenty years and I’ve seen coloring help trauma survivors, adult ADHD patients, and even people needing to work on their coordination skills. I’d be honored if you’d post the link below on your wonderful site:) I’m offering several coloring templates, and color art prints of my original paintings, as well as full copies of the coloring book as rewards for the donors of this campaign! Thank you so much for considering it and I will joyfully be following your blog! Indiegogo link:

  2. Mischa – I recently had an opportunity to do one of those group painting things where everyone gets together and paints the same picture, with differing results. It made me remember how much I love doing art, whether or not I have any real talent. I am currently working through the grieving process; I lost my dad almost a month ago after a long illness. Perhaps picking up a brush would help.

    I would really like to do an article about you and your products on my blog. I’ve noticed the recent popularity of coloring pages and books, and I think that it’s a great idea.

    Interesting to note that it is useful for PTSD; my daughter suffers from that and finds comfort in collaging. I will show her your site.

    I will be in touch.