Downward Dog Your ADHD

Downward dog is a yoga pose. Basically you have your hands and feet on the floor about a foot or so apart so your body kind of looks like an upside down V. Now, downward dog may not necessarily be the pose for you, but yoga in general could be. Yoga has a lot of […]

A Miracle Belt for ADHD

Normally when someone writes a book review, they end up recommending the book as a good read or not. I fully intend to do that, but it is not my main purpose in writing this review. You see, the book is about a former minor league baseball player who walked away from his career in […]

How Bumpy is Your Road?

The other day I shared in my newsletter that I am feeling as though my life has been compartmentalized. Each facet of my life seems separate from the rest and it’s like they’re on a see saw. When one area of my life goes up, the others go down. I just can’t keep all of […]

ADD – Taking It Slow

Have you ever done one of those pie chart exercises, where you’re supposed to put in all the things in your life, like work, family, me time, exercise, etc? You know how they’re all supposed to be about the same, so that you’re living a “balanced” life? Ha! First of all, everyone knows you live […]