The Attention Problem (and How to Fix It)

goldfish, attention, focus, ADHD

The Goldfish Myth Those of us with ADHD have a problem with attention. You may have read (in many different places) that today the average American has an attention span of 8 seconds – shorter than that of a goldfish. This “theory” is from a 2015 study done by Microsoft, and it’s since been challenged […]

It’s Not What You Think

Attention Deficit Disorder has always been characterized as an inability to pay attention. Recent studies, however, have modified that view. As any ADDer could have told them, the researchers found out that it’s not so much about paying attention as it is about interest. If you’ve ever been on Facebook or Pinterest, you know that […]

Are You A Drama Queen?

I never knew exactly what was meant by a “drama queen” until I had my third child. The kid should have been born with a crown on her head. Nothing is ever simple – it’s always a big production of one kind or another. A minor headache turns into a brain tumor, and cramps are […]