6 Ways Yoga can Help Your ADHD Symptoms

Do you practice yoga? I don’t do it on a regular basis, although I should, but I do love it. It’s peaceful nature appeals to my frazzled body and brain and I love what it does for strength and flexibility. Did you know that yoga can also benefit your ADHD symptoms? Here are 6 ways […]

Improve ADHD Symptoms Just by Breathing?

Note: This is a guest post from Michael Gelb, D.D.S., M.S. and Howard Hindin, D.D.S. Their bios are at the end of this article. October is ADHD Awareness Month; Experts Say Disorder is Preventable with Improved Breathing Physicians Offer Tips for Restoring Restful Sleep to the Brain for Developing Children What you don’t know can […]

Managing Anxiety

Anxiety is one of those things that often accompanies ADHD. Attention Deficit Disorder never travels alone; it always brings a friend or two. Depression, learning disabilities and anxiety are some of the more common ones. I have a daughter who suffers from anxiety (and I’ve experienced it myself at times) so I know how crippling […]

Breathing for ADHD

Kind of sounds like a charity event doesn’t it? Instead of running a 5K race to raise awareness about ADHD, we’re just going to breathe instead. Well, no. Thats not exactly what I mean. Deep controlled breathing can actually help your ADHD symptoms. You can control your anxiety, improve your focus, and begin to relax. […]