6 Ways Yoga can Help Your ADHD Symptoms

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Do you practice yoga?

I don’t do it on a regular basis, although I should, but I do love it. It’s peaceful nature appeals to my frazzled body and brain and I love what it does for strength and flexibility.

Did you know that yoga can also benefit your ADHD symptoms? Here are 6 ways that yoga can help you:

1. It improves sleep. Getting any kind of regular exercise will improve your sleep, which makes your ADHD symptoms easier to manage. Yoga has the ability to relax you as well and there are even certain poses and routines that are designed to help you sleep better. Here’s one from Fitness Magazine.

2. It can improve concentration, especially forward bends. Numerous studies have been done that show that yoga, especially forward bending poses like downward dog increase oxyegnated blood flow to the brain which improves concentration. Most of us breathe too shallowly to really benefit our bodies and brains. One of the main focuses of yoga is proper breathing, which will help put more oxygen into your body.

3. It can improve behavior. Studies done on children – including those with ADHD – have shown a marked change in behavior after doing yoga. The relaxing nature, plus the emphasis on stillness and focus can help a hyperactive child calm down.

4. It can improve focus. Again, the nature of the yoga practice is focus and stillness. Learning to focus on a pose and hold it teaches your brain how to focus. Also you have the breathing and added oxygen which also improves brain function.

5. It can improve school or work performance. More oxygen to the brain, a calmer disposition, and an increased ability to focus and concentrate just naturally results in improved performance at work or school.

6. It enhances relaxation and improves self control. Yoga is almost a meditative practice with a tendency towards introspection. Poses designed to relax you will do just that and just the practice is general is relaxing for most people. Yoga’s focus on proper positioning of the body and learning to hold the poses also helps you develop better self control.

If you interested in learning more, there are many sites out there with information. Here is one for office friendly poses that can help with that afternoon slump and relax you too.

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