What to Do When Life Gets CRAZY

I know what you’re thinking. “What does she mean when life gets crazy? Mine’s crazy all the time!”. Allow me to clarify. There is your “normal” crazy life, and then there is crazy. Like chaos on steroids. Let’s face it. You may think your life is as full as it can be and you’re doing […]

Spinning Out of Control

Sometimes life surprises you. And sometimes it’s not such a pleasant surprise. But even if it’s a wonderful surprise, it can still throw your life into chaos. Chaos and ADHD are like those two kids who shouldn’t hang out with each other cause they always cause trouble. Lately my life has been a lot like […]

Order on the Outside = Order on the Inside

I know that keeping an orderly home can be a challenge for ADD Moms. And I also know that if your outside environment is in disorder, it will be harder for you to manage your ADHD symptoms. You can’t have order on the inside unless there is order on the outside. Sometimes, though, you don’t […]

It’s All Connected

You’ve heard me say many times that your ADHD symptoms are affected by many things, including sleep, diet, exercise and more. But have you ever stopped to consider other outside forces like your environment and how they affect your ADHD symptoms? For instance, you know that a good night’s sleep (and enough sleep) can have […]

Homekeeping with ADHD

I like Martha Stewart’s use of the word homekeeping when it comes to taking care of your house rather than calling it housecleaning. After all, isn’t a warm, comfortable home what we’re all interested in having? And yet those of us with ADHD often struggle to find or make such a simple pleasure. As I […]